November Updates

MiLLYJaWN Studio LLC has been up and running for over a year and a half now and it has been a beautiful adventure bringing this company to life. When I first launched this company it was because I got Ted'd. If you don't know that term you will know in a second.

Ted'd: The act of being motivated by a ted talk or other similar motivational presentations to do something that you normally would not have the balls to do.

The talk that I watched was roughly 15 minutes long. A well dressed man stood and gave a speech to a room full of hesitant dreamers like myself. He made virtual eye contact with me at the beginning of his speech, looked into my soul, and said "if you don't start now you never will". He was speaking to how many of us dream about doing things but never actually take the steps needed to make those dreams a reality. His message resonated with me. Our dream stays a dream until we make an actionable plan. Once we have a game plan, it's not a dream anymore; it's real. Once we have a game plan, our fantasy is an achievable goal. He filled me with conviction, guilt, and encouragement all at once and I was caught.

I had no idea what I was doing when I first started this company but I was motivated, so papers were filed and MiLLYJaWN Studio LLC was official. When I got the confirmation that I was legit I felt whelmed but "Welp. We're here now" is my motto when I feel like that. It means it's too late to worry about how we got here. All we can do at this point is figure out what to do next. With no mentor to show me the way, I turned to our universal teacher, The Internet.

I've made a lot of mistakes between the company's April 2020 launch and now but I've learned from them and they've made me and my business stronger for it.

This month we're adding:

  • an abstract line art collection

  • prints of artwork

  • downloadable wallpapers

This month we're changing:

  • Layout of the "About Us" page

  • Changing name of "Commission Us" Page to "Request Page"

  • Layout of the "Request Page"

  • Removing Fanny Packs and Bracelets from shop

  • Starting this month we're going to post monthly Update Post

  • Restarting the WTW Blog featuring an article on "The Mitchell's Vs The Machines"

A large part of my struggle up until now has been the fact that I was a full time student and worker. My time was very divided and hard to manage. God gracing, I have finished college as of November 1st though. Now I have new time to redirect and invest into creating beautiful, unique art. I also have more time to invest in improving the business functionality and efficiency. In spite of all the mistakes I've made, I've also done a lot of things well and I've learned. I'm still learning today and will continue to do so. Running a business is a lot of work but it is fun, honest labor. At the end of the day, I love art and I love people and I will continue to work to bring those two passions of mine together.

- Kamilah aka "MiLLY"

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