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Dojagome Drawing

I was listening to the Doja Cat song called "Like That" last week and certain parts of the melody and lyrics were giving me strong nostalgia vibes. I didn't know why at first but then it hit me; her song reminds me of a song from an anime called "Inuyasha". Once I connected the dots I had to make a drawing to match. I posted a speed of my drawing on tiktok since I'm trying to get into using the platform more and that jawn got a few hearts and nice feedback.

This was a really fun piece for me since I got to revisit an anime that really shaped my passion for art. "Inuyasha" is one of the first animes I was ever exposed to. It definitely played a heavy role in me developing my art style as I often liked to draw Koga and Miroku (They were definitely Bae). It has got me thinking about some of the older animes that really hold special places in my heart.

I'm thinking of making a few more pieces like this since it will be fun to try to take celebrities and draw them as charscters from some of my favorite classics. (My two favorite animes of all time are "Trigun" and "Wolf's Rain" so look forward to some art showing love to them). Before I can do that though there's a few projects the team and I are working on that we need to get out. I'm going to try to post more frequently about the things we are working on that way you viewers out there can stay in the loop though. Stay blessed and stay tuned.

COMMENT QUESTION: What's your favorite anime?

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