AOTW: Carol Stamper

Carol Stamper is a Local Philly Artist who uses instagram to share her work with the world. She has posted over 340 artworks but her favorite is this series of hand-painted animals and objects. Each piece was made with actual coffee.

Her motto is...“Finding beauty in the stains of life”

Carol uses her art to make sense of the ever changing world we live in and feels that life is about appreciating the beauty of trial and error. Life is about making mistakes and learning from them. When Carol paints she takes the principle to heart, taking time to enjoying painting and then evaluating the process she took to see where she can improve.

Carol made her very first post on insta back in March of 2015. It’s been six years since then. You can see the evolution of her art when you compare this first post to her most recent.

You Can view all of her works and follow her for more directly on her insta page and her web page:

If you know an artist who lives in Philly who deserves a shout out for being amazing at what they do , be sure to let us know. Reach out and we’ll make sure they get a chance to be spot lighted .

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