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My Name's Kamilah aka the OG Milly and I am the owner of MiLLYJaWN Studio as well as the lead Designer. Just about everything on this this site has been made and put together by me.


This particular page is my personal portfolio that lays out some of the branding and marketing material I've made for my company as well as some of my favorite pieces that I've made for clients. 



MiLLYJaWN Studio is a company I established in order to cultivate and facilitate art. Starting this company has allowed me to create more art for people. It has allowed me space to make art with others. In the future that's what I want my company to continue to do. My end goal is to open a community center where artist from all over my city can come, network, and have a safe space to create and express themselves. It will be a lively place that brings life, culture, art, and resources into neighborhoods that are underserved and uncared for. Everything I do from here forward is to get to a place where I can give back to the city that raised me, Philadelphia. 

MiLLYJaWN Studio is destined to be a multimedia art studio based in Philadelphia. We are urban but professional and strive to make art that speaks to that label. Everything we strive to make is supposed to have life, energy and vibrance. My brand is bold and direct so many things we make are going to be minimalistic and colorful.  The company is a reflection of my personality and beliefs and I hope to grow a team of like minded artist to help me expand as I go. 

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